I have two goals in life:


 To conduct research, with the aim of understanding how the social and legal systems retraumatize survivors of domestic violence. 


To breakdown complex social scientific research findings, for the everyday use of survivors of domestic violence, and other marginalized groups, using life-coaching techniques, and social campaigns through digital content creation.



As Featured In

I see the world as

An idealist thinker who believes in the possibility of a just and fair world. 

My curious mind constantly travels, often pondering how we can build a more just and humane society. 

Despite the dominance of these thinking styles, I often arrive at a juncture where I am forced to re-examine my ideas more analytically. Therefore,  I continue to ask questions until I can find answers, or at least come close to finding them. 

My mind works to design the best approach for accomplishing tasks before individually and collaboratively. 


Work With Me

I bring a diverse set of skills, and professional experiences, from working at tertiary institutions, consulting for nonprofits, and for-profits, domestic violence agencies, among others. If you need an out-of-the-box approach to solving problems, and excellent attention to detail, consider working with me. 

I Define Fun As

Anything therapeutic that makes me feel the emotion of pain or pleasure. A very emotional movie that moves me to tears is fun and therapeutic. A trip with loved ones, with lots of food, music, and dance, is fun and therapeutic. I can be introverted and extroverted simultaneously, depending on what my dominant personality is at the time, and these personalities influence what I consider fun or do for fun. 


Don't Take My Word For It

Listen to What Researchers, Professionals, and Clients Have To Say.