Bisola-Mariam’s Impact Areas

How I impact my world.

As a researcher, I constantly employ my background in classical and communication studies, with my interdisciplinary research, at the intersections of social work and law. 

Overall, I constantly employ my diverse academic and professional experiences to understand one thing: In what ways do social and legal systems perpetuate abuse, violence, or retraumatize vulnerable people?

My research works have explored:

  • How religious and cultural diffusion of Egyptian Isis religion and Christianity, and how these processes engendered violence in ancient history;
  • The co-cultural communication practices of African survivors of domestic violence interacting with American counselors;
  • Autoethnographic research on intergenerational trauma in families;
  • Social and Legal Service Providers and Truth Default Theory: What Do Service Providers believe about domestic violence?  


This includes her creative projects through ideyforyou, wearingbm, and bmsculina.

At ideyforyou,  we have a team of carefully selected team of coaches who partner with me to provide survivors of abuse, trauma, or violence, with life-transforming coaching. You can learn more at


Also, wearingbm is an online store for Afro-centric fashion, where lovers of African and Afro-American outfits can find seasonal collections shipped anywhere in the world based on preorder. Learn more at 

Also, bmsculina is an online store with selected African grocery products that are delivered or shipped anywhere in the world based on preorder. You can find out more at  


At Left-handers Africa, she collaborates with individuals, groups, and organizations to mitigate discriminatory practices against left-handers;  and create awareness against other forms of abuse and violence. You can learn more at